The Struggle with Identity

Recently, I wrote a Spoken Word for the Christian Broadcasting Network on Identity. The response was overwhelmingly positive! It will be at the bottom of this post and is also accessible through the video tab. I encourage you to read this short blog post and watch the video! Feel free to share the video as well! I want more people to realize their identity in Christ!

Identity is something that many people think only teenagers struggle with. However, I am finding that it is a struggle that people of all ages, gender, and backgrounds have. Who am I? For some, we identify ourselves by our accomplishments. We are the executive of ________. The boss of _________. Others identify themselves by their family or partners. I am the wife of ____________. The son of _________. Or perhaps it’s by our talents. I am great at _________.

But what happens when that changes?

If we find our identity in being a military brat, what happens when our father/mother is no longer in the military? If we find our identity in being the pastor’s wife, what happens when our husband is no longer the pastor? If we find our identity in being the best singer, what happens when we can no longer sing? If we find our identity in our job title, what happens when we lose our job?

We end up suffering from an identity crisis.

Recently, I had the privilege to hear Rachel Lovingood preach at a conference at Point Harbour. She is the author of a great book (join me in reading it!) called Salvaging My Identity. She pointed out that there are constant identity crises throughout our lives.

Transition from elementary to middle school. Identity Crisis. Transition from middle school to high school. Identity Crisis. Transition from high school to college. Identity Crisis. Transition from college to real world. Identity Crisis. Transition from one job to another. Identity Crisis. Transition from single status to marriage. Identity Crisis. Transition from marriage to divorce. Identity Crisis. Transition from children to empty nest. Identity Crisis.  The struggle with our identity is something that everyone struggles with at some point in their lives.

Our identity cannot and should not be found in anything besides who God says we are.

As a eighteen-year-old leaving for college soon, I still struggle with figuring out who I am and what I believe. If we’re honest with ourselves, we all do, even if we think we have ourselves figured out.

I want to challenge you to read through the Bible and start discovering who God says you are. It’s rather unfortunate that many Christians are unaware of the identity that God has given them. Many can quote that we are all “wonderfully and fearful made” but the Bible talks about SO MUCH MORE than that! I encourage you to start discovering for yourself what God says you are!

Click the link to check out my spoken word! Let me know what you think!

Who Am I? Spoken Word


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