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Secrets and comfort

Last week left my stomach in knots, my shoulders hunched and my heart heavy. So heavy. So many of my conversations in the past few days have so far have ended with an “I’ve never told anyone” or “This can’t leave this conversation”. As someone who takes on the problems and burdens of others, I’ve [...]


Open Letter To My Little Brother

Note: This article was originally posted on the Odyssey, Open Letter To My Little Brother Dear little brother, First, it is crazy how much you have grown. I remember you being this short, dorky, rambunctious little boy. As you get older, I am shocked at how much you mature. I cannot wait to see the man you [...]

To the Person That ‘Cares Too Much’

Note: This article was originally posted at The Odyssey: To the Person that 'Cares Too Much' Dear person who cares too much, I get it. Your friends and family don’t understand. They say you’re “too sensitive” or ask you “Why do you care/let it bother you?” You get told you overreact to things, or that you [...]

The Struggle with Identity

Recently, I wrote a Spoken Word for the Christian Broadcasting Network on Identity. The response was overwhelmingly positive! It will be at the bottom of this post and is also accessible through the video tab. I encourage you to read this short blog post and watch the video! Feel free to share the video as [...]

Dirty Past

"Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future" Those are wise words scribbled on a gas station bathroom wall that led me to think. How many times do we let ourselves be defined by our past? How many times do we let our past hinder us from doing what God has called [...]

What’s the plan?

As a high school senior, I am attempting to figure out what my future consists of next. Should I do a gap year and travel? I have a love for other cultures, travel and want to go back to Africa.  Should I apply to college? I have always been driven and love to learn. I [...]